What Makes Gnox (GNOX), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), And Fantom (FTM) Stand Out During A Bear Market?

Finding a good coin during the current bear market is as important as ever. It might have been easy to pick a winner when everything was just going “up”, that simply isn’t the case anymore. Crypto still has a future, despite panic spreading across a lot of the market. But now more than ever, investors need to concentrate on solid projects with good fundamentals rather than those “get rich quick” schemes. And the good news is: there’s still a lot of potential in the crypto world. There are still good coins that can make you money, in both the short term and the long term. And it’s these long-term projects we like the most. While the crypto market has always been volatile, those long-term holds are the ones that should really pay off during the current market downturn. After all, crypto is here to stay—but with recession on its way, the downturn might last a while. That’s why we think these coins are going to stand the test of time:


GNOX doesn’t just have long-term potential—it’s actually experiencing huge growth right now. Even over the last few weeks, it’s grown over 60% when much of the rest of the market has seen big losses. And it’s a great long-term hold, too. GNOX offers traditional investors an easy entry point into the benefits of DeFi investment strategies by giving them access to yield farming as a service. A treasury of funds that invests on their behalf for passive income gains, without users having to take care of things like liquidity pooling and staking themselves. Or even understand what they are. That’s why we think GNOX is the future for crypto’s long-term adoption in the mainstream, and it’s still available at a discount during pre-sale.


Ethereum is another great long-term hold. While it has suffered losses in recent weeks, prices have arguably consolidated somewhat over the last few days. Ethereum is the backbone for much of the crypto world, and it’s here to stay. While ETH has some issues (slow transaction times and high gas fees), these shouldn’t be viewed as negatives. Especially as ETH 2.0 aims to address them directly, and could help price surge even more in the future.


Bitcoin is often regarded as the gold standard in the crypto world. Some say it’s the only true store of value. And it’s the only coin many regular people have even heard of. That’s why we still think BTC has strong long-term potential and prices could be much higher in a few years’ time.

Binance Coin

As the utility token for the Binance network, BNB is a hugely important asset in the crypto world. Backing up the Binance Exchange, BNB Coin can be used for a range of different services. You can also easily stake and earn with it via BNB Vault. Binance isn’t going anywhere, and Binance Coin is an important part of that. It’s here to stay.

Fantom (FTM)

As the Fantom network’s native coin, FTM allows users on the platform to pay lower transaction costs and make faster payments, something which has blighted some of the industry for a while (especially Ethereum). We like FTM’s long-term potential and see it as a key part of the industry moving forward.

These five coins are all great buys right now for good reason. While nobody can be sure about their short-term fluctuations, they’re good long-term coins with a lot of upside.

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