SafeMoon launches V2 with faster contract execution, setting prices up for a breakout

  • SafeMoon V2 upgrade enhances the security, quality and accessibility of contracts on the network.
  • CEO John Karony has revealed an upcoming exchange listing.
  • SafeMoon is adding new pairs to the swap based on a recent announcement.

Community-driven DeFi token SafeMoon has made it to the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. SafeMoon prepares for a comeback with the upcoming V2 upgrade. 

SafeMoon price ready to break out with coming upgrade

SafeMoon’s upcoming upgrade, V2, is expected to enhance the token’s security, quality and accessibility. The SafeMoon community widely anticipates the launch of the V2 upgrade, and investors expect SafeMoon to recover from the recent drop in price. 

With the V2 upgrade, SafeMoon contracts will have additional use-cases, driving the token’s adoption higher. 

As of November 9, SafeMoon has 2,865,000 holders. There has been a consistent rise in the number of SafeMoon holders over the past two months. 

Ryan Arriaga, Global head of products at SafeMoon, announced the addition of three new pairs in swap. 

SafeMoon listed three reasons why the V2 upgrade is expected to boost the demand for the token in a recent tweet:

SafeMoon app has crossed 600,000 downloads. The team has announced that Bitcoin and Dogecoin will soon be added to the wallet. The partnership with Unicrypt, the multi-chain decentralized protocol, has kept V2 consolidation on track. 

The token is listed on over 12 crypto exchanges and posted a 3% drop in price over the past 24 hours. 

The V2 upgrade is on schedule for launch, and the addition of new pairs to swap has increased the accessibility of the token for holders. 

According to Karony, SafeMoon could soon be listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges, increasing the accessibility of the token. 

A cryptocurrency analyst at the YouTube channel “Broke Man Finance” has analyzed the SafeMoon price trend and predicted that the token would likely hit a new all-time high soon.