Which Crypto Has The Most Potential In 2022? A Look At Mehracki (MKI) and Binance Coin (BNB)

Mehracki (MKI) is a meme token deviating from the common trend of no utility associated with meme tokens. You’re probably wondering, what makes Mehracki superior to other meme tokens? Here are three main reasons why; a utilitarian model, incentivised adoption, and real-life application. Find out more here.

The MKI token will be the symbol of verification and authentication of transactions made on the platform. Payments made in Merhacki will be gamified with rewards at different milestones of spending. That’s right, you can get rewards for simply spending your MKI tokens. Mehracki even rewards users for holding MKI! 

NFTs are one of the rewards users can get for hitting specific milestones. The higher the level, the rarer the NFT, and the more it will make on the NFT marketplace. The Mehracki DAO will allow users to vote on matters concerning Mehracki’s future. Voting power will be based on NFTs that users possess, giving you an incentive to hit those milestones! 

The token will serve as a unitary value exchange between customers and hospitality businesses. Mehracki will even feature a marketplace that showcases honest reviews on tourist and hospitality companies to make your life easier. 

The Largest Decentralised Exchange – Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin (BNB) has dominated the decentralised exchange (DEX) sector since its inception in 2017. There are over 28 million users on the Binance Coin DEX platform. Considering there are 300 million people using cryptocurrency in the world, it showcases how popular Binance Coin is. 

Binance coin has remained relevant throughout its history due to partnerships and technological advancements. Most notably, Cristiano Ronaldo and Khaby Lame have signed NFT partnerships with Binance Coin. The collection will reach the 600 million followers they share between them.

Binance Coin even has incentives for people to use BNB. They offer a sizeable discount for anyone using the BNB token to pay fees on the platform. Binance Coin has one of the highest utilities out of all the cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem includes the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Binance DEX, and the Binance Coin token (BNB). 

The potential Binance Coin has is everpresent. Millions use the platform around the world, and that number is growing. If more people use its services, the value will likely increase.

To Summarise
Binance Coin (BNB) has heaps of potential to dominate the market through Q3 and Q4. Its enormous utility and large user base give it the tools it needs to succeed in the crypto market. 

However, Mehracki (MKI) presents a unique opportunity to token holders. The tourism and hospitality industry has been neglected by the crypto market giving Mehracki a unique edge over its competitors. The presale ends in less than a month, will you become part of the Mehracki community? 

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Telegram: https://t.me/Mehracki_Official